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13 Secrets for Speaking Fluent Japanese
Effective and enjoyable new techniques to speak, memorize and think in Japanese
Japanese title日本語をペラペラ話すための13の秘訣
Author Giles Murray
Publisher Kodansha
CategoryGeneral Japanese language
ISBN4770023022 [COPAC, Webcatplus, Wikipedia]

Review by Mark Walsh

This book contains some interesting tricks that can be used while learning the Japanese language. Although, I benefited from only about halve of the aids in the book, the price made it worth buying. There is a fun manga which is meant to help with the "if" words, "-tara", "eba", and "to".

Anonymous review

Designed for people who have tried to master Japanese through traditional methods and have failed, this book presents tested shortcuts for Japanese language acquisition. With its entertaining commentaries, lively illustrations, puzzles and useful example sentences, this book is a unique alternative to traditional textbooks.

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