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AI (Japan Through John Lennon's Eyes - A Personal Sketchbook)
Publisher Cadence Books

Review by Publisher

John Lennon's ingenious sketches depicting the words, phrases, and actions he was learning in Japanese. A rare insight into John's creative genius - a glimpse at how he perceived both ordinary events and the spiritual concepts of Japan. With the original Japanese letters, transliteration and English translation for each word, phrase or sentence, this is a great tool for students learning Japanese.

Review by Ben Bullock

This book consists of a page with one word or simple sentence in Japanese, with an English translation, accompanied on the facing page by one of John Lennon's sketches which incorporates the word (mostly in romaji) with a humorous drawing. The sketches are nice, but the Japanese is very elementary, so as Yoko Ono herself says in the introduction this may be more for John Lennon's fans than for people who seriously want to learn Japanese. However, it is certainly more fun and memorable than a standard textbook or phrasebook.

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