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A Guide to Reading and Writing Japanese
The 1,850 Basic Characters and the Kana Syllabaries (Revised Edition)
Author Florence Sakade
Publisher Tuttle
CategoryKanji learning - Joyo kanji
ISBN0804802262 [COPAC, Webcatplus, Wikipedia]

Review by Charles E. Tuttle catalogue

This best-selling reference guide helps students achieve mastery in reading and writing kanji. The 1850 characters designated by the Ministry of Education for general use are taught along with their readings and definitions.

Review by Ben Bullock

This is a `list of kanji' book quite similar to 's book@Essential kanji@ in appearance.

The front cover of this book says 当用漢字 (touyou kanji) which is an old system now superceded by the ``jouyou kanji'' (see this AFAQ page for more details). This suggests that the book is somewhat out of date.

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