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70 Japanese gestures
No language communication
Authors Hamiru-aqui, Aileen Chang
Publisher Stone Bridge Press
CategoryGestures and non-verbal communication
ISBN1933330015 [COPAC, Webcatplus, Wikipedia]

Review by Ben Bullock

Lots of partly-out-of-focus photos of an ojisan figure making various hand gestures. How useful is it really? I'm not sure whether many of these gestures are going to be very useful for learners of Japanese.

Review by Stone Bridge Press

Okay, maybe Japanese is a bit hard to learn to speak and write. But there's a lot you can say in Japanese using just your hands, nose, arms, and other forms of suggestive "body" language.

This whimsical look at Japan's "language of no language" introduces 70 gestures that will help you hurl ... read more

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