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More Making Out in Japanese
More Lover's Language and Fighting Words to make you speak like a native!
Authors Todd Geers, Erica Geers
CategorySlang and unconventional Japanese
ISBNs4900737100 [COPAC, Webcatplus, Wikipedia]
0804815925 [COPAC, Webcatplus, Wikipedia]

Review of More Making Out in Japanese by Wolfgang Cronrath

"More Making Out ..." is the continuation of "Making Out ..." from the same authors in a similar style.

"More Making Out ..." also contains of a collection of about 500 or more expressions of colloquial conversation in English and Japanese. The expressions in this book are aimed exclusively at establishing an international marriage and are in an appropriate chronological order from kissing, petting, making love, fighting, marriage and a little bit about health. In this book too, all the sentences are given in male and female variants and are written completely in romaji.

The Japanese phrases sound rather natural to me though I can't tell how common they are in reality. A few sentences that might sound strange to the newcomer such as "You must have many boyfriends/girlfriends" are indeed quite standard sentences in Japan to check out whether the partner is already dating somebody else, and expressions like "... with pretty teeth" to describe ones favorite type really make sense after having seen numerous crooked teeth of Japanese.

"Making Out ..." and "More Making Out ..." are nice little introductions into colloquial Japanese and well worth their price.

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