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Using Japanese Slang
Authors Anne Kasschau, Susumu Eguchi
Publisher Tuttle
CategorySlang and unconventional Japanese
ISBN4900737364 [COPAC, Webcatplus, Wikipedia]

Review of Using Japanese Slang by Mark Barton

This book aims to be comprehensive, having chapters on stupidity and drunkenness, parts of the body, discriminatory language, scatology, bad attitudes and behaviour, sexual organs and private parts, the sexual act, homosexuality, "the ejaculation industry", seduction, yakuza, underground jargon, punk and juvenile language, media and fashion related words, and young people's language. Although setting a cracking pace (a new word or two per paragraph) the authors have made a good effort to convey the all-important nuance of the various words. They also squeeze in many derivations and lots of background information. There are very few example sentences, but the few times I have tried out a word from the book I have been understood. All romaji.

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