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A Students' Guide to Japanese Grammar
Author Naomi Hanaoka McGloin
Publisher Taishukan
CategoryGeneral grammar
ISBN4469220655 [COPAC, Webcatplus, Wikipedia]

Review of A Students' Guide to Japanese Grammar by Ben Bullock

From the book's cover: `` A Student's Guide to Japanese Grammar offers in-depth explications of selected problem areas in Japanese grammar as seen in errors frequently made by English-speaking students of Japanese The book focuses on similar constructions involving temporal expressions, conjunctions, particles and others, and usage differences are explained with many example sentences. This book is intended primarily for students of Japanese who would like to get a better grasp of Japanese grammar beyond the basic level.''

This book is for intermediate to advanced students and explains several "frequent mistakes" of English speakers trying to learn Japanese, quite similar to the Gone Fishin' book in concept but much drier in style. This is an interesting book which is based around the author's Japanese teaching experience at the university of Wisconsin, U.S.A. It has fifty entries. Each entry compares the use of two expressions that the author's students tended to confuse. It shows how English speakers' way of thinking tends to lead to mistakes in speaking Japanese. This book is well worth reading for anybody at an intermediate level or above.

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