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Gone Fishin': New angles on perennial problems
Author Jay Rubin
Publisher Kodansha
SeriesPower Japanese
CategoryGeneral grammar
ISBN4770016565 [COPAC, Webcatplus, Wikipedia]

Review of Gone Fishin': New angles on perennial problems by Ben Bullock

This book, by a professor of Japanese literature, aims to teach a few difficult to understand parts of Japanese grammar such as the "sasete itadakimasu" form, the difference between "wa" and "ga", past tense of verb + tsumori and so forth.

I remember after reading the book "Gone fishin'" I made some post to one Japanese language newsgroup or other. After I wrote the article I remember going through and changing several times wa to ga and vice-versa, based on my new-found "profound" understanding of "wa" and "ga" from Rubin's book. When I sent the post off, I put a request on the end to anyone reading it to tell me if I had made any mistakes.

Interestingly, I got several e-mails and followups to my post telling me that I had made mistakes exactly on the "wa" and "ga" that I had corrected according to my new "profound" understanding as given by Rubin.

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