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A Dictionary of Basic Japanese Grammar
Authors Seiichi Makino, Michio Tsutsui
Publisher Japan Times
SeriesMakino and Tsutsui's dictionaries of Japanese grammar
CategoryGeneral grammar
ISBN4789004546 [COPAC, Webcatplus, Wikipedia]

Review of A Dictionary of Basic Japanese Grammar by Ben Bullock

Particles and verb constructions, good explanations with lots of examples in kana-kanji and romaji. This book lists a great number of forms and particles and has a wonderful appendix. It's in dictionary format so it's easy to look things up and it not only provides detailed explanations with examples but tells what other forms are similar and when is best to use each kind.

The book is the opposite of McClain's grammar handbook in that it covers only a few topics but covers them in great detail. Most useful for beginners since the topics covered are fairly simple, but contains useful information for others also.

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