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A Guide to Remembering Japanese Characters
Author Kenneth G. Henshall
Publisher Tuttle
CategoryKanji learning - Joyo kanji
ISBN0804820384 [COPAC, Webcatplus, Wikipedia]

Review of A Guide to Remembering Japanese Characters by Allen Childs (MistaKefka)

I feel that of all of the Japanese instructional books I own, this one takes the most dominance over anything in its catagory. Why? It has all of the Joyo Kanji, an ON-KUN index, the history of every kanji, the readings for every Kanji, example compounds for every Kanji, a section about stroke order, and most of all, a mnemonic for every single Kanji. I mastered the 1st and 2nd grade kanji (about 225 total) in only two days, and I only knew scattered Kanji throughout. The ONLY problem with this is there are only 3 compounds for each Kanji. In other words, you WILL outgrow this book, but it will be at least 6 months of study before you do. For those 6 months, it will be the best book you've purchased.

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