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Japanese title広辞苑
Publisher Iwanami
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Review of Kojien by Maiko Covington

I got this for my high school graduation present from my homeroom teacher. Really generous guy. This dictionary is really good for looking up obscure words, or when you need a really detailed definition. I had to write a paper on the coronation ceremonies of the emperor, and I was able to look up the meaning and significance of the various religious items he was presented with, in there. One other neat thing is that it has a list in the back of kanji that are NOT on the jyouyou kanji list but that occur with enough frequency that they feel literate adults should know them. There are LOTS of these but it does make a good list of kanji to study from. It also has the standard appendices, with timelines, seasons, Chinese time, grammar, how to write a letter, etc. I have the 3rd edition, but the 4th is out now.

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