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Plimseur Audio CD
Publisher Plimseur
ISBN0671315889 [COPAC, Webcatplus, Wikipedia]

Review of Plimseur Audio CD by David Chien

Pretty much audio tapes only, but they do work decently well in getting you to remember quick answers to various things they introduce. Good for the commute or whenever you've got a free ear.

Works decently for me - been listening to them in the car off my MP3 player, so they do work. Let's you hear Japanese spoken at the normal pace at the beginning of each lesson, so you can practice to see if you really do understand and catch all of the words that fast or not.

Cheaper on Ebay, high resale value means you can buy and sell them for about the same price.

Would recommend dumping them all to MP3 files for convenience, otherwise, there's a truck load of tapes (~30 each series). Only 5 MP3 CDs (less if you use a lower mp3 bitrate) for all three series (that's 90+ lessons).

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