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Reading Japanese Financial Newspapers
Author Association for Japanese Language Teaching
Publisher Kodansha
SeriesJapanese for busy people
CategoryBusiness related
ISBN0870119567 [COPAC, Webcatplus, Wikipedia]

Review of Reading Japanese Financial Newspapers by Ben Bullock

From the back of the book:

  • Basic reading materials incorporated with a glossary and exercises to bridge the gap between general Japanese and specialized Japanese

  • Examples from actual newspaper articles that prepare students for direct use of Japanese financial publications

  • 18 categories of technical expressions (including furigana).

  • A list of 500 kanji characters most essential for understanding financial terms, with over 1,500 examples

  • More than 3,500 key financial terms and phrases in a Japanese-English glossary, for easy reference

  • Appendices of valuable supplementary terms and abbreviations useful for understanding financial newspapers.

    This book aims to make the reader proficient in reading the financial sections of Japanese newspapers. It is a sequel to the books "Japanese for busy people" and "Japanese for busy people II" written by the same authors. As well as teaching phrases for reading newspapers it also teaches the 500 most important kanji necessary to do this.

    I found that this book is quite useful in general, not just for reading financial newspapers. However I wonder if 500 kanji is really enough to read even just the financial sections of a Japanese newspaper?

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