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Reviews by Mark Pearce

New Japanese-English Character Dictionary

Things I Like:

1. Key Words. They way Halpern attempts to capture the meanings of a kanji in one or two key words is a great benefit to memorization.

2. Lots of Useful Information. Each character appears with information about its place in the Jouyou Kanji List, frequency of use, ... read more

The New Nelson Japanese-English Character Dictionary

Things I Like:

1. Comprehensiveness. I have not come across a character that I have been unable to find in this dictionary. It includes a vast number of compound words with each character along with a comprehensive definition. This dictionary is thorough.

2. Universal Radical Index ( ... read more

The Kanji Dictionary

Things I Like:

1. Revised Radical System. Finally a kanji ordering system that makes sense! It lists the characters by radicals as does the New Nelson, but the radicals are much fewer (79 instead of 214), easier to identify, and are derived from the kanji as they are written in Japan today. ... read more

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