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Reviews by Nico A.F.M. Poppelier

Japanese for Today

30 lessons in the modern language, with every lesson divided in: kanji+kana reading section, grammar, vocabulary, conversation. Cassette tapes for the book can be bought separately (details and price unknown).

The Languages of Japan

A very detailed scholarly study of Japan's two indigenous languages, Ainu and Japanese. Interesting reading. Gives some information on recent viewpoints regarding the origin of Japanese language.

A Reference Grammar of Japanese

Comprehensive explanations for particles, difficult nouns, sentence extensions, verb tenses, literary forms, negative forms - in short, everything concerned with the Japanese Language. Contains many referenced examples from modern literature and other sources, including the language's many dialects. Special sections on literary language, epistolary language, and other stylized or formal grammatical forms.

Handbook of Japanese grammar

Consists of two parts. Part I is an introduction to the grammar of the classical language (not very good). Part II is a dictionary of particles, suffixes and other connectives, and this part is the best part of the book: very handy to have around when you're reading books, stories and diaries from the Heian period and later.

An historical grammar of Japanese

Old, but still the best book in English that I know dealing with the grammar of classical Japanese. If someone has a better reference, I'm interested!

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