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A Dictionary of Basic Japanese Grammar
Authors Seiichi Makino, Michio Tsutsui
Publisher Japan Times
SeriesMakino and Tsutsui's dictionaries of Japanese grammar
CategoryGeneral grammar
ISBN4789004546 [COPAC, Webcatplus, Wikipedia]

Review by Ilya Farber

It's awfully dry and formal -- you certainly wouldn't want to curl up with it as you sipped your hot chocolate -- but it's tremendously handy for when you're trying to read or write something and you can't quite remember, say, what the difference is between soshite and sorekara, or which side of yori the greater thing goes on. It's in alpahabetical order, with decent indices, and give a few examples for each way a given particle or structure can be used.

Review by Ben Bullock

Particles and verb constructions, good explanations with lots of examples in kana-kanji and romaji. This book lists a great number of forms and particles and has a wonderful appendix. It's in dictionary format so it's easy to look things up and it not only provides detailed explanations with ... read more

Review by Mark Walsh

This book is organized as a reference. The main entries are grammar structures organized alphabetically, so access is very convenient. The main entry examples are in romanji, kanji, and English. The layout is exceptional, and the entry descriptions are very detailed. In addition to the main reference, there is a grammar term explanation section, transitive/intransitive verb pair table, verb conjugation table, and more.

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