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The Complete Japanese Verb Guide
Author Hiroo Japanese Center
Publisher Tuttle
ISBN080481564X (softcover) [COPAC, Webcatplus, Wikipedia]

Review by Charles E. Tuttle catalogue

This reference guide to Japanese verbs will enable you to find any conjugation for hundreds of verbs, use the right preposition for each verb, write each verb in Japanese characters, and more.

Review by Ben Bullock

A book consisting of a list of verbs and their conjugations, which is largely redundant because most Japanese verbs have regular conjugations.

Review by Ken DeLong

This nice reference contains 600 verbs, with practically all their conjugations, and five example sentences for each (most important)! The only drawback of this book is that it's all in romanized script.

Review by Allen Childs (MistaKefka)

Great learning tool. Lots of verbs (over 600) with conjugation rules. Verbs are tough in Nihongo, but you can master them with this book. See also my review of 501 Japanese Verbs.

Review by Jeffrey Friedl

I wish it had a better index, but otherwise is pretty good. The examples are in Japanese, and there's even romaji for if you're a mentalpleagic.

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