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501 Japanese verbs
Fully Described in All Infections, Moods, Aspects and Formality Levels
Author Roland Lange
ISBNs0764102850 [COPAC, Webcatplus, Wikipedia]
0812039912 [COPAC, Webcatplus, Wikipedia]

Review by Allen Childs (MistaKefka)

This could-be essential book is a neccesity for learning Japanese. You can study lots of verbs of each type to learn how they all conjugate, and build your vocab by looking up verbs when translating written Japanese. I would recommend this to ANYONE, but I've found another book with more verbs (the Complete Japanese Verb Guide). Still, I would get them both, because I'm sure there are some verbs in both that aren't in the other.

Review by ep208-aa

I've been using this great reference book, called "510 Japanese Verbs." It's from Barron's Educational Series, and they have versions in Spanish, French, and other modern languages. It may look complicated at first glance, but once you become used to it, and learn the different forms of verbs, it ... read more

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