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BBC Phrase Book: Japanese

One of the "BBC Phrase Book" series designed for use by holidaymakers and business travellers. This book is arranged by topic, with key words and phrases, a pronunciation guide and a dictionary of approximately 4000 Japanese words.

Everyday Japanese

A compact guide to the Japanese language compiled especially for the foreign resident or visitor, providing quick, painless Japanese for basic needs. The book includes numerous illustrative sentences.

Easy Japanese

In 16 easy-to-follow lessons, one of America's leading authorities on Japanese language and culture provides the basics for beginners to be able to speak and write Japanese almost immediately, then progress at their own pace. EASY JAPANESE provides full language explanations in English and focuses on effective communication in everyday situations.

Berlitz Japanese Workbook

These workbooks are designed to accompany any beginners' language course - evening class or home study. Each provides 24 exercises to practise, revise and consolidate principal language skills. It also includes an 8-page grammar section, backed by a final test course with a full answers section.

Japanese Language and People

Together with five audio cassettes, this book offers the beginner a course in the necessary skills for communication at a basic level in spoken Japanese. It also provides an introduction to the written language and insights into contemporary Japanese society. Cultural comment and ... read more

Japanese Language and People tapes/CDs

Together with a book, these five cassettes offer the beginner a course in the necessary skills for communication at a basic level in spoken Japanese. Cultural comment and language practice go hand-in-hand with units focusing on distinct themes such as family, work, education, travel and leisure. Whilst the course is suitable for the motivated learner going to Japan on business or on holiday, the approach adopted is also intended to appeal to those with a more general interest in the country and its language.

Mangajin CD-ROM

Contains selected manga from the first 10 issues of Mangajin magazine, with translations, notes, and digitalized voice recordings in English and Japanese. Merely clicking on text balloons gives you English translations, shows Romanized versions of the original Japanese, explains the ... read more

Bringing Home the Sushi

Bringing Home the Sushi uses English translations of authentic Japanese manga ("comics") to show a personal side of the Japanese business world rarely seen by foreigners.

While manga are often referred to as "Japanese comics," there is much more to the story. As a cultural ... read more

Dictionary of Japanese Particles

This reference source is designed for all levels of Japanese language study. It contains 119 Japanese particles presented in alphabetical order together with meanings illustrated through sample sentences in English, Japanese and roman orthography with furigana affixed to kangi characters.

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