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Input romaji:
Katakana: パtリck sタッフォrd
Hiragana: ぱtりck sたっふぉrd
Halfwidth katakana: パtリck sタッフォrd
Circled katakana: ㋩゜t㋷ck s㋟ッ㋫ォrd
Japanese braille (tenji): ⠠⠥t⠓ck s⠕⠂⠭ォrd
Japanese morse code (wabun code): -... ..--. t --. c k s -. .--. --.. .-... r d
The Cyrillic (Russian) alphabet: паtриck sтаッфуォrd
Hangul (Korean letters): 파t리ck s다ッ후ォrd
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