sci.lang.japan FAQ / 16. Other internet resources

16.1. Related newsgroups

You may also want to look at these related Usenet newsgroups:

Newsgroups about language

covers English language topics.
covers general linguistic topics.
covers general (not necessarily Japanese) translation topics. See also .
covers advertising for translators and people hiring translators.

Japanese language newsgroups

is for posting Japanese-encoded text.
fj.kanji (in Japanese)
covers kanji topics.
fj.sci.lang (in Japanese)
covers general linguistic topics.
japan.lang.japanese (in Japanese)
covers Japanese language topics.

Other Japan-related newsgroups in English

soc.culture.japan and soc.culture.japan.moderated
cover anything Japanese except language. (in English)
covers life in Japan from a foreign perspective.
is the old version of `soc.culture.japan'.

sci.lang.japan FAQ / 16. Other internet resources

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