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14.4. How can I input small kana like ぃ, っ and ょ, or づ on a computer?

Most input methods recognize several different ways of inputting these kana. As a group, ティ or ディ can usually be input as "thi" or "dhi". Small kana like ぃ, っ and ょ can usually be input by typing x or l before, hence "xi", "xtu", and "xyo".

The づ kana in つづける should correspond to "du" in most input systems, but if not then "dzu" is usually OK.

See also 1.3.6. What are the names of the Japanese non-kana, non-kanji symbols? for the names of various punctuation symbols, which can be used to input them.

sci.lang.japan FAQ / 14. Computers

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