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1.1.4. Is there a mnemonic for remembering the order of kana signs?

The gojuuon order

I  1 3
U  2
E  1 3
  1. There is no kana for "ye" or "yi".
    See 1.1.2. Is there a symbol for or ?
  2. There is no kana for "wu".
  3. The "we" and "wi" kana are seldom used.
    See 1.1.3. What is the use of the "we" and "wi" kana?

The most common ordering of kana is the gojūon (五十音) ordering shown in the table on the right. Several mnemonics have been invented in order to help remember the order of the beginning consonants of the kana in this table. One is

Kana Symbols Think Now How Much You Read and Write them.


A King Surely Tests No Home-Made Yellow/Red WiNe
also contains the order of the vowels, A I U E O.

Yet another:

Ah, Kana Symbols: Take Note How Many You Read Well.

The origin of the gojūon kana ordering, which this helps memorize, is explained in 1.1.5. What is the origin of the kana ordering? (There is also another kana ordering, discussed in 1.1.6. How does the ordering go?).

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