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1.3.7. What are the symbols on Japanese maps?

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The following list of symbols comes from two sources. One is the Geospatial Information Authority (formerly the Geographical Survey Institute) of Japan. The other is the Association of Radio Broadcasters (ARIB). These two standards vary in details, for example they have a different symbol for "Post Office".

Symbol Meaning (English) Meaning (Japanese) Nearest Unicode symbol Description of symbol Standard
Lighthouse 灯台とうだい 26EF rays GSI, ARIB
Police station 警察署けいさつしょ 2B59 Diagonal cross in circle GSI, ARIB
Police box (Koban) 交番こうばん 2613 Diagonal cross GSI, ARIB
Public health centre 保健所ほけんしょ Greek cross in circle GSI
Hospital 病院びょういん 26E8 Greek cross in shield GSI, ARIB
Fire station 消防署しょうぼうしょ Stylized sasumata (さすまた), a tool used to put out fires GSI
Fire station 消防署しょうぼうしょ 328B Circled kanji "fire" ARIB
Factory 工場こうじょう 26ED A stylized gear wheel GSI, ARIB
Power plant, Power substation 発電所はつでんしょ 変電所へんでんしょ 26EE Gear with handles GSI, ARIB
Wind turbine 風車ふうしゃ 風力原動機ふうりょくげんどうき A stylized picture of a wind turbine GSI
Japanese self-defence force site 自衛隊じえいたい 26FF White flag with horizontal middle black stripe GSI, ARIB
Post office 郵便局ゆうびんきょく 3036 Post office mark in circle GSI
Post Office 郵便局ゆうびんきょく 3012 Post office mark ARIB
Bank 銀行ぎんこう 26FB Stylized bundō (分銅), a kind of weight formerly used in banks. GSI, ARIB
Library 図書館としょかん An open book GSI
Kindergarten 幼稚園ようちえん 3245 Kanji for "infant" in a circle ARIB
Elementary or junior high school 少学校しょうがっこう 中学校ちゅうがっこう 6587 Kanji "bun" GSI
High school (GSI) School (ARIB) 高等学校こうとうがっこう (国土地理院)(こくどちりいん) 学校がっこう (電波産業会)(でんぱさんぎょうかい) 3246 Kanji "bun" in a circle GSI, ARIB
University 大学だいがく Kanji "bun" with a smaller kanji 大 (for daigaku) in brackets on top GSI
Onsen (hot springs) 温泉おんせん 2668 Oval with three vertical wavy lines GSI, ARIB
Historical landmark or place of scenic beauty 史跡しせき 名勝めいしょう 26EC Three dots like a "therefore" symbol GSI, ARIB
Campsite キャンプ場きゃんぷじょう 26FA Tent ARIB
Sports field or gymnasium 陸上競技場りくじょうきょうぎじょう 体育館たいいくかん 26F9 Person with ball ARIB
Bathing beach 海水浴場かいすいよくじょう 26F1 Umbrella on ground ARIB
Skating rink アイススケート場あいすすけーとじょう 26F8 Ice skate ARIB
Ski slope スキー場すきーじょう 26F7 A skier ARIB
Marina マリーナ ヨットハーバー 26F5 A sailing boat ARIB
Golf course ゴルフ場ごるふじょー 26F3 Flag in oval ARIB
Park 公園こうえん 26F2 Stylized drinking fountain ARIB
Amusement park ("leisureland") レジャーランド 1F17B A white L on a black square ARIB
Roadsite restaurant ドライブイン 26FE Coffee cup ARIB
Petrol station ガソリンスタンド 26FD Petrol pump ARIB
Shinto Shrine 神社じんじゃ 26E9 Torii GSI, ARIB
Buddhist temple 寺院じいん FD6 Manji (swastika) GSI, ARIB
Church 教会きょうかい 26EA A church ARIB
Cemetery 22A5 Inverted T shape GSI
Grave 霊園れいえん 墓地はかち 26FC Three upturned Ts ARIB
Junction 交差点こうさてん 26F6 Four corners of a square ARIB
Port 港湾こうわん 2693 An anchor ARIB
Fishing port 漁港ぎょこう GSI
Local port 地方港ちほうこう An anchor GSI
Major port 重要港じゅうようこう GSI
Airport 空港くうこう 飛行場ひこうじょう 2708 An aeroplane ARIB
Railway station えき 24C8 A circled capital S ARIB
Department store 24B9 A circled capital D ARIB
Telephone company 電話会社 260E Telephone ARIB
Prefectural Office 県庁けんちょう 2B56 Oval bullseye ARIB
Government administration office 官公署かんこうしょ 26E3 Heavy circle with stroke and two dots above; variant of kanji 公 GSI
City Hall or Ward Office (Tokyo) 市役所しやくしょ 区役所くやくしょ (東京)(とうきょう) 2B57 Two concentric circles, the outer one heavier ARIB, GSI
Town or Village Hall or Ward Office (excluding Tokyo) 町村役場ちょうそんやくば 区役所くやくしょ (東京以外)(とうきょういがい) 2B58 Circle GSI, ARIB
Tax office 税務署ぜいむしょう A stylized abacus bead. GSI
Court of Law 裁判所さいばんしょ GSI
Old people's home 老人ホームろうじんほーむ GSI
Hotel ホテル 1F157 White H on a black circle ARIB
Car park 駐車場 1F15F White P on a black square ARIB
Junction ジャンクション 1F179 White J on a black square ARIB
Cultural facility 文化施設 1F17C White M on a black square ARIB
Interchange インターチェンジ ランプ 1F18B Letters IC on a black square ARIB
Parking area パーキングエリア 1F18C Letter P on a black square ARIB
Service area サービスエリア 1F18D Letters SA in white on a black background ARIB
Crater or Fumarole 噴火口ふんかこう 噴気口ふんきこう GSI
mountain やま 26F0 Mountain ARIB
Forestry station 森林管理署しんりかんりしょう Tenshotai kanji for tree (see 1.3.9. What are the different styles of Japanese lettering? for more about tenshotai). GSI
Rice field Stylized stumps of rice plants GSI
Tea plantation 茶畑ちゃばたけ GSI
Barren land 荒地 Stylized weeds GSI
Mulberry field A stylized mulberry tree GSI
Bamboo forest 竹林ちくりん A stylized bamboo GSI
Field (except rice) はたけ A stylized seedling GSI
Orchard 果樹園かじゅえん A hanging fruit GSI
Deciduous forest 広葉樹林こうようじゅりん GSI
Site of a castle or castle ruins 城跡しろあと 26EB Castle ARIB
Monument 記念碑きねんひ GSI
Museum 博物館はくぶつかん GSI
Chimney 煙突えんとつ GSI
Broadcasting tower 電波塔でんぱとう GSI
High tower 高塔こうとう GSI
Car ferry A boat seen from above, with a line to distinguish it from a ferry GSI
Ferry A boat seen from above GSI
Ferry フェリー発着所ふぇりーはっちゃくしょ 26F4 A ferry ARIB
Mine Two pickaxes (つるはし) GSI
Triangulation point 三角点さんかくてん 25EC Dot in upward-pointing triangle GSI
Electronic triangulation point 電子基準点でんしきじゅんてん Dot in upward-pointing triangle with flag GSI
Benchmark 水準点すいじゅんてん 22A1 Dot in square GSI
Meteorological observatory GSI
Quarry GSI
Cave or tunnel entrance 坑道こうどう GSI

See also 1.3.6. What are the names of the Japanese non-kana, non-kanji symbols?.


The map symbol diagrams are extracted from three sources (1) Japanese map symbols made for Wikipedia[2] (2) The Wada Lab ARIB font[3] (3) Supplementary SVG symbols created by Ben Bullock. Thanks to Tamas Kerecsen for many additions and Unicode code points.


  1. Suignard, Michel (2008) Japanese TV Symbols
  2. SVG map symbols of Japan at
  3. Tanaka, Tetsuro Wadalab Font

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