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1.3.7. What are the symbols on Japanese maps?

The official symbols, according to the conventions of the Geographical Survey Institute of Japan (GSI), are
Symbol Description Unicode Meaning
Dot in upward-pointing triangle 25EC Triangulation point
Dot in upward-pointing triangle with flag Electronic triangulation point
Dot in square 22A1 Benchmark
White sun with rays 263C Factory
Kanji "bun" 6587 Elementary or junior high school
Kanji "bun" in a circle High school
Kanji "bun" with a smaller kanji 大 (for daigaku) in brackets on top University
Kanji "bun" with a smaller kanji 専 (for senmon gakkō) in brackets on top Technical college
Post office mark in circle 3036 Post office
Diagonal cross in circle 2297 Police station
Diagonal cross Police box
Greek cross in circle Public health centre
Greek cross in shield Hospital
Oval bullseye Prefectural Office
Bullseye 25CE City hall
Fisheye 25C9 Ward office
Circle 25CB Town hall
Manji (swastika) 534D Buddhist temple
Inverted T shape 22A5 Cemetery
Oval with three vertical wavy lines 2668 Onsen (hot springs)
"Therefore" symbol 2234 Historical landmark
y Small black upward-pointing triangle 25B4 Summit
Tenshotai kanji for tree (see 1.3.9. What are the different styles of Japanese lettering? for more about tenshotai). Forestry station

See also 1.3.6. What are the names of the Japanese non-kana, non-kanji symbols?.

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