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Notes on use of illustrations

One of the images here was originally used under a Creative Commons licence (How do Japanese names work?, photograph by Angie Harms). It was subsequently discovered that the creator had changed her mind and withdrawn the Creative Commons licence on the images. The image creator has been contacted to request continuation of use under the Creative Commons licence. Pending receiving a reply, it is assumed that continued use of the image here is acceptable under the Creative Commons licence which this image was previously under.

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Encodings pages

Regarding Encodings of Japanese, the FAQ maintainer wrote to Alexandre Elias in 2006 for permission to incorporate this material into the sci.lang.japan FAQ. After a long wait, Alexandre sent a reply saying that he didn't use the email address there any more, and a preliminary permission to use and alter the material under some licences, but then a more detailed enquiry got no reply. Pending further contact, the material is used on the assumption that permission was granted.

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