sci.lang.japan Frequently Asked Questions

This is a list of questions and answers about the Japanese language originally from the Usenet newsgroup sci.lang.japan.

Jump to: Writing, Grammar, Word origins, Words from other languages, Japanese and English, Word meanings, Pronunciation, Slang and colloquialisms, Names, Examinations, Word games, Numbers, counting, and dates, Etiquette, Computers, Miscellaneous, Other internet resources, About the sci.lang.japan Frequently Asked Questions.

1. Writing

2. Grammar

3. Word origins

4. Words from other languages

5. Japanese and English

6. Word meanings

7. Pronunciation

8. Slang and colloquialisms

9. Names

10. Examinations

11. Word games

12. Numbers, counting, and dates

13. Etiquette

14. Computers

15. Miscellaneous

16. Other internet resources

17. About the sci.lang.japan Frequently Asked Questions

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