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I generally use British spelling, conventions and vocabulary such as "maths", "colour", and "centimetre".

Frequently Asked Questions Romanization

For romanized Japanese words, I use a modified version of Hepburn romanization (see What are the systems of romanization of Japanese?). Proper names are capitalized. The particle ha is written wa but the particles wo and he are written "as is".

Wiki sci.lang.japan FAQ

The Wiki sci.lang.japan FAQ is an abandoned project to convert this into a wiki. If you came here through a link like this:

that was originally a link to the Wiki page. There are also some pages like this:
which are created by extracting the old wiki pages from a database and reformatting them. All these links have been redirected to a link which looks like this:
Some of the pages created for the Wiki sci.lang.japan FAQ were fairly useless, and have been deleted. For the sake of people who come to these pages via links from other web sites, the links to the deleted Wiki pages are redirected to Deleted page, so that the people can at least understand that the page was deleted rather than just having been renamed or otherwise gone astray. All the other wiki pages have now been reformatted and incorporated into the main Frequently Asked Questions document.

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