What is wāpuro rōmaji?

Wāpuro rōmaji on the side of a truck
Wāpuro rōmaji (ワープロローマ字) ("word processor romaji") is a form of romanized Japanese which resembles the format used to enter Japanese kanji and kana via an intermediate romanized form. The basic format for computer and word processor input is Nippon-shiki romanization, with the following changes:

What is usually described as waapuro romaji is not, in fact, what is input into computer systems, but merely the practice of indicating long vowels using "ou" or "uu" in romanization rather than a o or u with a circumflex or macron. This usage is very common on the internet.

Advantages of wāpuro rōmaji

Disadvantages of wāpuro rōmaji

Unicode encodings of Japanese such as UTF-8 allow kanji, kana, and macroned or circumflexed vowels to coexist, and may make wāpuro romaji less common on the internet.

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